Bankruptcy Product Ordering

Original order form consisted of a MS Word document to be printed, filled out, and faxed in by customers, then re-entered and processed by bankruptcy department staff. Took original form and made it into shopping cart style application with a MS SQL Server database as the back-end data store and using a master page to maintain consistent appearance across all pages. This eliminated the need for order information to be filled out multiple times. By no longer requiring the customer to print out and fax the order form, paper waste was reduced on both ends of the transaction by the customer and the company.

Become A Customer

To start the signup process, a user would fill out a web form which would then generate an email to be sent to the bankruptcy department who would then create an account based on the information received in the email notification from the form. With the company moving towards a wider adoption of Salesforce for lead and account management, I updated the existing form to store user information in Salesforce as a lead using the Salesforce web service API. Email notifications would still be sent to the appropriate members of the bankruptcy department (via Salesforce), and they could track potential leads through the signup process to account creation.

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