Customer Registration

Created customer registration system to allow users to signup for DocEdge's services by filling out contact and billing (credit card) information, as well as selecting a user name and password.  This system also allowed for DataTree sales representatives to login and create an account for a customer with the ability to offer additional billing terms other than a credit card.   During the registration process, if a credit card was entered, it would be immediately verified using PayflowPro from Verisign before allowing the user or sales representative to continue the registration process.

Property Reports

Created XSL transformations to transform XML feeds of various types of property reports into html so that a browser could display the reports in a manner that would allow a user to easily print, read, or save them.   A watermark logo was added to property reports using CSS that would only be displayed when a property report was being printed.

Billing & Invoicing

Created billing and invoicing application in C# to bill customers, create HTML invoices, and email the invoices to the customers. For customers with credit card billing terms, their card would be charged using the PayflowPro service and API from Verisign. Also created the necessary stored procedures in MS SQL Server to support this application.

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