Website created for Reynolds & Reynolds customers as a backup solution to the Reynolds ERA System.  If they are having problems pulling a credit report, they can go to and login to the CREDCO Service Center portal from there.  To get their username and password, all they have to do is go to the online signup form to request access to the portal.   There is an additional form appearing on a majority of the site's pages allowing visitors to request more information about the products CREDCO offers to Reynolds & Reynolds customers.

Used ASP.Net MasterPages to maintain a consistent look across all pages and reduce the amount of code (HTML & C#) to maintain.

Request Information Form

Collects contact information from site visitors requesting information about products and services offered by FADV Credco to Reynolds & Reynolds customers, creating a sales lead in Salesforce.  This form was placed in a master page so that it would appear consistently on a majority of the site's pages.

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